Renewed call to improve dangerous intersection after deadly Cass County crash


Cass County police have identified the man killed in a crash between a pickup and semi near Union, Mich. on Thursday.

It happened at the Five Points intersection on U.S. 12 around 8 a.m.

Police say 54-year-old Jon Stone of Union was killed -- ejected from the pickup.

Stone was driving the pickup that was headed south on Five Points Rd. and failed to yield for the semi which was traveling west on old M-205.

The driver of the semi and a passenger in Stone's pickup were taken to Elkhart General Hospital.

Stone died on the scene.

Police say Stone was not wearing a seat belt.

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Those who live and work near that intersection say they're all too familiar with the reputation of the area, a spot well known because of safety concerns.

Some feel it can be very confusing when driving through.

Tim Schmidt owns Five Points Auction, right at the intersection and was inside when the crash happened.

"I heard the boom, and I knew exactly what it was," said Schmidt. "I have heard it so many times. It's a horrible intersection. We've had numerous accidents, and it's an ongoing situation."

"This is generally a kind of difficult intersection, because we got one, two, three, four, about five different directions coming all together in one spot," added Porter Fire Chief Mike Holdeman.

Holdeman and several others we spoke to on and off camera who live and work in the area say there have been several accidents at the intersection over the years. Their hope is that something could be done to prevent accidents in the future.