Salvation Army's Red Kettle Ends a Day Early


The Salvation Army is hoping to see lots of people dropping money into their red kettles Saturday.

That's when their kettle campaign ends since they don't ring on Sundays, which is also Christmas Eve.

This could impact their overall donation goal.

Todd after starting a week later than normal and missing out on Christmas Eve the Salvation Army is hoping those in St. Joseph County dig deep to support families in need.

Every year Ruth Plank and her 3 kids volunteer as bell ringers for the Salvation Army's Red Kettle event.

But it wasn't long ago when the Plank family was on the receiving end of these generous donations.

"A couple of years ago we actually needed a little help ourselves around Christmas time. And the Salvation Army helped us so we were bell ringing before that and continuing because I feel like sometimes you need help and sometimes you can give it,” said Plank.

For six weeks the Salvation Army use the Red Kettles to collect enough money to help families in St. Joseph County for the entire year.

Including things like electricity bills, food and clothing.

Rachel Coates, Special Project Coordinator says, they have one day left.

And they are under their donation goal.

"This year we started November 11th. And then we are also losing Christmas Eve so as far as the season goes we lost some dates somewhere so we are a little bit behind. So we are trying to play catch up,” said Coates.

Coates says despite losing their biggest donation day they have ideas that may help them reach their goal.

"We've got some Penn High School volunteers for the excitement. We have a couple of businesses that Diane Bennett with Inspired Homes and they're taking volunteer spots and really trying to bring the energy and the Christmas spirit at our different ringing locations,” said Coates.

Plank encourages those who pass by a red kettle bell to donate what they can.

Because she's seen firsthand how a few coins can make a big impact.

"It got pretty emotional when we got the gifts because it was such a generous and loving thing to us. So we want to make sure other people feel that way when they have difficulty. That they also feel loved by the community,” said Plank.

Again, Saturday, December 23rd is the last day to donate.

If you're trying to avoid Christmas shopping chaos.

Then there are ways to donate online or by text message.

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