Schools consider options for making up snow days


It's been a tough winter.

Snow, frigid temperatures and a lot of missed school days.

Kids in Elkhart have missed ten days when they normally miss three.

The state is getting creative with ways to make up for lost time.

Elkhart Schools says the suggestions are easier said than done.

Elkhart had three make up days scheduled for this school year and two more have been waived by the state.

So as of right now the district still has five days it needs to make up.

School corporations can either tack the days onto the end of the school year or ....

The state is considering letting districts add an additional hour to six school days to make up for one lost day.

Elkhart says there are challenges with the option of adding an hour to the school day.

If they put it at the end of the day .... A lot of kids wouldn't get picked up until 5 at night, which means some might not get home until after six.

If we were to add an hour on the front end of the school day we would have middle school and high school students starting classes at 6:30 in the morning. i'm not sure our community would support either of those options

Either way Elkhart Schools will be in session into the month of June.

South Bend and P-H-M Schools both agree and have said they will probably just add the make up days to the end of the school year.

All say they appreciate the alternatives that the Indiana Department of Education is considering.