Semi crashes into home in Fulton County


A semi slammed into the side of house near Akron Thursday afternoon. Fortunately, the family wasn't home at the time. The driver was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The Indiana State Patrol is still trying to figure out what happened. But one thing is for sure, a family will be without a home this Christmas.

"You put your heart and soul into it and it's gone," said homeowner Peter Cabrera.

What's gone is part of a home that belongs to Peter and Melinda Cabrera. A semi headed east on State Road 114 near Akron slammed into their house this afternoon, destroying the garage, kitchen and a closet.

"Akron Elementary where I work called me and said somebody just called and said that there's a semi went thru your house and I'm like, 'what!'" said Melinda Cabrera.

Melinda would have been home at the time, but she just happened to be running an errand.

"It's just the grace of God," she said.

Her son and husband were also away. Their dogs were home though. They survived, but now, one of them refuses to go anywhere near the house.

"I'm just thankful the dogs weren't killed," she said.

Despite what they've lost...

It can all be replaced," Peter said.

The Cabreras are trying to stay positive.

"We're all okay," he said. "There'll be more Christmases and more Thanksgivings."

The truck driver underwent a toxicology test.

For the time being, the Cabreras will stay with relatives. There was also a cat in the house, but it hasn't been seen since the accident.