Sen. Young tours AM General as new contract announced

U.S. Sen. Todd Young (R-Indiana) tours an AM General factory. // WSBT 22 photo

One of Indiana's senators got an up-close look at the production line for a military vehicle. Sen. Todd Young (R) toured the AM General factory Thursday and met with union leaders.

AM General just entered a new contract with the government to assemble Humvees. They'll be sent to troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Young talked to workers about that contract and some of the security issues affecting our nation.

"They need to go out, pay mortgages, put food on the table, and so we all benefit from these good paying jobs,” Young said.

Young also spoke about the contract.

"They have 150 vehicles that are just ready to ship off right now. There's already some that are in transit to Iraq, and for every one of those vehicles there's hundreds of workers right here in Mishawaka, Ind. that helped build them,” Young said.

Those Humvees are headed to Iraq and Afghanistan, but Young says leaders in Jordan are also interested in buying.

"We of course want to be careful about who we sell these vehicles to, but we're the committee of jurisdiction, so it's really important that I come here, that I learn more about exactly what these vehicles can do, how they're made and why we're selling them,” Young said.

Iraq and Afghanistan aren't the only countries facing armed conflict at the moment, however, and Young spoke about the recent U.S. airstrike in Syria after that country was accused of using poison gas on its own people.

"In the course of that action we sent a very strong signal to the North Koreans that we're prepared to act in the future if they continue to build intercontinental ballistic missiles that are capable of carrying a nuclear weapon,” Young said.

Young says the administration is also acting more boldly with Russia and Iran.

"On nearly every front, it's clear that the United States military, the United States foreign policy establishment is back, and we're going to assert ourselves when people try to do things that threaten the interests and the welfare of the American people and our allies,” Young said.

Young added that President Trump has promised to give Congress a broader strategy when it comes to defeating ISIS in Syria. Young says he's introduced authorization of military force against terrorist groups.

He says he hopes Congress takes that authorization up after receiving that strategy from the president.

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