Snow days mounting for students across Michiana


Record breaking cold temps and snowfall throughout Michiana this winter has closed many schools.

With a series of snow days that just keeps stacking up for this school year, parents and students are wondering how are they going to make up all these days.

Penn-Harris-Madison Superintendent Jerry Thacker says two days have already been waived by the state, and PHM had a built-in snow day for March 21 already on the calendar.

"The weather has been brutal," said Thacker. "The original calendar we had finishing up June 3, but we missed eight days."We recently had two county declared state of emergencies. We submitted waivers, and if they are approved, then we would just extend school year from June 3rd till June 6th."

Elkhart Community Schools say they have nine days to makeup. They have three snow days already built into the school year. Two days were also waived by the state, and any remaining days will be added to the end of the school year.

South Bend Community Schools had seven snow days so far.They have two built in makeup days in April and May.

Any remaining days that are not waived by the state again will be added to the end of the school year.

The date for Graduation weekend will stay the same.

The three districts agree that Spring Break vacation will not be disrupted.

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