Goshen students met by equipment upgrades on their first day back


Right now students are piling in to Goshen schools for their first day back.

And a new year means new changes to the schools.

Parkside Elementary debuting a new feature. Kids can now play around on a completely new playground! The Parent-teacher organization raised money to help make it happen.

The superintendent of Goshen schools tells WSBT the kids are really excited..

It's equipped with a full jungle gym, slide and swings, of course.

Goshen High School also got and update.

"We also have some updates at Goshen High School,” says Diane Woodworth. “The cafeteria kitchen has been updated and modernized with new equipment, so it’s easier to serve more kids in the quick time-frame.”

A reminder when heading out on your morning commute -- be extra cautious and aware because kids will be out and about, and busses will be completing their new routes for the first time.

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