South Bend cops search for suspect in 'gruesome' hit-and-run death


The search is on for a hit-and-run driver involved in a deadly crash early Sunday morning in South Bend.The victim who died, 53-year-old Quenton Freeman, was on a moped with his girlfriend of 10 years, 56-year-old Lynn Gentry. She was on back.A truck hit them from behind. Gentry was thrown from the moped onto a lawn.Freeman was caught under the truck as it drove on without stopping and was dragged a considerable distance. When his body dislodged from the truck, he was alive and screaming."He had yelled for help," says South Bend Police Lt. Gene Eyster. "In addition to some noises of the truck traveling with the moped underneath it, it brought the attention of several witnesses."Neighbors called police -- but by the time police arrived, Freeman was dead."I came outside and we seen a police officer," says neighbor Theria Jones. "The police said there had been a hit and run accident, come to look out, there was moped sitting outside next to my car."Lieutenant Eyster tells us it's one of the most gruesome cases he's ever seen."It's a little unsettling when you see someone was put through that," says South Bend Lt. Gene Eyster. "That someone didn't have the heart or conscience to stay there at the scene, or to at least make a notification shortly thereafter."Lynn's mother, Dorothy, shared Lynn's final moments with Quenton right before he died."All she can remember is a truck coming up right behind them," says Gentry. "She told him that the truck is too close and it's speeding. Next thing she knows it was boom."Gentry was transported from the scene to the hospital. Her mother and sister say she has two broken legs and a broken pelvis."The last thing she heard was him calling her name," says Gentry.Freeman's brother, Tony and other family members, gathered near the street where he died. Many formed a circle and prayed in remembrance of Quenton."It would have been nice for the guy to stop and help my brother out, but I don't know what happened," Tony told us.When Freeman's body was dislodged from the truck, the moped landed near Theria Jones' house."I heard a car flying through the stop sign and something being dragged, but I didn't know what it was," Jones said. "My heart goes out to the family. I am sorry for their loss, because that is just devastating."Family and friends and those in the neighborhood are still trying to come to terms with what took place. Still trying to process what happened and why."As a family, you know we are thinking about all kinds of stuff, but we really know somebody has to be accountable," said one family member. "So we are just asking, you know, it would make things easier on us if somebody could come forward.""Any time you do something like this to someone, you have to stop, take ownership of what you did. I mean that's a human life," said Jones.South Bend police are asking for the public's help to find the truck and driver responsible. Police are looking for an older model, two-tone red Ford F-150 pickup. It could have a height modification and be lifted.If you have any information that could help solve the case, call South Bend police Lt. Gene Eyster at 574-235-9818.

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