South Bend man busted for throwing beer bottles onto Indiana Toll Road


Indiana State Police say a driver decided to throw his empty beer bottles out of his car onto the Toll Road Friday, shattering glass for over a 15-mile stretch of the highway before he was finally stopped.

They say around 3:40 p.m., Toll Road police received several calls about someone in a red 2008 Dodge Charger driving east at the 22-mile marker in Porter County throwing beer bottles at passing cars and signs.

Police also said the car was speeding, and there were open alcohol containers inside the Dodge.

Troopers were able to stop the car at the 37-mile marker in Westville and identified the driver as Octavio Martinez, 20, of South Bend.

Three other people were inside the car, who police say were not drinking and did not participate in the bottle-throwing.

Martinez was charged with OWI Endangerment, with his blood alcohol level testing just above the legal limit at .10.

He was driving with a learner's permit.

Martinez was taken to the Porter County Jail.