South Bend neighborhood remembers 1-year anniversary of deadly plane crash


Exactly one year ago today, two people died when a plane crashed in South Bend.

It happened on North Iowa Street near the airport.

Several people were injured and evacuated from their homes and life on Iowa Street hasn't been the same since.

Several of the damaged homes have been demolished and all that remains is a lot.

But those who live there say memories from the day will remain forever.

"It's hard to believe that it has been a year," Kelly Reygaert, who lived near the crash says.

"Each time you drive by up on Iowa Street you know its right there. I think the significance of it being on Saint Patrick's Day, is something that you will never forget that date."

Some of the semi-empty lots that remain on Iowa Street as a result of the crash are still in a state of limbo.

A lawsuit has been filed against the plane's maker and the company that owned it.

The first to file were the two men on board the plane who survived, but are still suffering from their injuries.

Right now the NTSB is still investigating the incident.