South Bend Police honor fallen officers

WSBT 22 photo

South Bend Police honor their fallen fellow officers throughout history.

Friday night a ceremony was held, similar to other communities throughout the area.

Names of officers date back to 1903. 15 officers were recognized for their bravery and sacrifice.

Many died in the line of duty while keeping the community safe.

During the ceremony each officer's name was read aloud. Then a candle was placed on a monument by an officer.

Family members say no matter how long it’s been, they will never be forgotten.

"It honors our husbands. It keeps their memories alive and it's so meaningful to me to be here at the officers honor them,” said Annette Deguch, wife of fallen officer, Paul Deguch.

"I think it's out of respect and the officers here today are going out and risking their lives and i think we need to be here to support them also,” said Carol St. Germain Batty.

This is an annual memorial that takes place across the U.S.

So far this year, 90 officers have been shot. 18 of those have died.

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