St. Joseph County 4-H Fair kicks off

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Opening ceremonies for the 92nd annual St. Joseph County 4-H Fair were under way Friday night. There's lots to see and do this week.

You can see farm animals, a rodeo, ride rides and have a snack!

There are going to be thousands of people there over the next few days.

That's why there are a lot of people working behind the scenes to make sure your family fun is safe fun.

“It's going to be lights and noise and music, and it's going to be a good week. A good fun week,” says Sgt. Harvey Mills, director of security for the fair.

Mills says the fair will go off without a hitch because his security team is well prepared.

"We're going to have a great police presence here throughout the whole week,” Mills said. “You'll see police officers all over the place. Feel free to stop and talk to one of them, they're all going to be happy to talk to you. Any issues at all, stop and talk to one of the fair members or police officers. We have protocols in place for just about any kind of emergency you can imagine.”

Mills says he won't be checking bags, but there are a couple things -- like coolers -- that aren't allowed.

"We don't allow weapons or guns or anything of a dangerous nature in the park at all,” he said.

Mills isn't the only one working to keep you safe. The midway staff are also hard at work making sure there aren't any hiccups with the rides.

"The state was here yesterday,” said Blake Huston, Midway unit manager. “They brought an inspector is here and licensed all the equipment we have here. We have 34 attractions here this year. They'll also be back today looking over some final stuff.”

Huston says he also has four nationally-certified inspectors on his own staff.

"It's called NARSO. The National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials. They go to school every other year and get certified training, and that's part of their criteria.”

Huston says he and those inspectors check out every ride, every day.

"It's instrumental. You know I have kids myself. They ride these rides and that's what we're here for. Safety is our number one priority.”


Food is another big draw for fair-goers. What's not to love?

Within just a few feet you can get steak, corn dogs elephant ears and more.

This food may come from a trailer, but the cooks say it's perfectly safe.

The entire county health department was at the fairgrounds Friday inspecting each food vendor.

They check for proper food temps and cleanliness.

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