UPDATE: One arrested in South Bend stabbing

South Bend police are investigating a stabbing near Michigan and Dubail Streets. The victim is in the hospital. No word on his condition // WSBT 22 photo - VERONICA ORTEGA

UPDATED: South Bend Police have arrested Sunny Stewart on preliminary charges of battery with a deadly weapon in connection to a stabbing that left one man with non-life threatening injuries.

It happened on East Dubail Street just before noon.

Police say an officer was on patrol in the area when he heard yelling and screaming in a nearby alley. He checked and found a man who has been identified at 29 year-old Jeramee Price. Price had been stabbed in the chest.

The suspect was nowhere in sight. Police say the victim was rushed to the hospital where officers were waiting to talk to him and get more details. A search dog was called in to look for the weapon and the suspect. They believe a knife was used, but so far they haven't found anything.

Early in the investigation, police said they knew who they're looking for.

Police say Price's injury was non-life threatening, and he was taken to the hospital in stable condition. He's expected to be released for the hospital.

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