Stray bullet hits LaPorte Co. home, woman and daughter inside


Frightening moments for a LaPorte County woman and her 13-year-old daughter.

They were baking Thanksgiving cookies when a stray bullet crashed right through the window of their home.

We're told police do not think the bullet was intentionally shot at the house.

The house backs up to a wooded area and investigators think that bullet may have come from someone hunting in those woods.

It happened just outside the LaPorte City limit, in the 2600 block of North 50 West around 5:40 Wednesday night.

Police say the woman and her daughter were in the kitchen of the home when they heard a loud "pop."

They ran into the room and found part of the bullet hanging from a window curtain, and the double glass pane with a hole in it.

They called police and investigators believe it was likely fired from somewhere far away from the home, likely that wooded area.

That's because the window curtain stopped the bullet.

Police told say if it had been fired closer to the home it would have gone further inside.

Investigators were not able to find who or where the shot came from.

But no one was hurt in the incident.