Teen taking on new produce business in Sturgis

Max and his dad, Eric, work together to sell produce in Sturgis // WSBT 22 PHOTO

A teenager wanted to start his own business, and his wish is now a reality.

14-year-old Max Scheske is selling fresh greens to customers in Sturgis.

A father-son duo are working together to build this business.

MAXimum Greens LLC started selling at the produce stand, but they now have four points of sale –- including local restaurants.

While there have been some challenges, they've got their eye on the future and are looking to grow the business.

Just off US-12 in Sturgis is a lot where Max Scheske's dreams are growing. The 14-year-old created MAXimum Greens LLC with some help from his dad.

They offer non-GMO produce -- including a variety of lettuce and greens.

Max is on the sales side of it, and his dad, Eric, is on the production side.

Eric does much of the planning and planting.

They harvest the produce together and clean it. Each batch is washed twice.

Max is in charge of communicating with customers, packaging and delivery.

They try to get just-harvested lettuce to customers within 24 hours ordering.

"So it's just nice knowing that I'm going to do what I want and so now it's under my direction," says Max.

But overseeing the business has not been a breeze. Some unexpected road blocks have popped up.

At first, Max had trouble setting up an email to reach customers.

He says, "It's mostly just stuff that you wouldn't expect to be a problem - it's been a problem."

"We got to a slow start and a lot of things went wrong – two steps forward and one step back, but he has a great temperament for it," says Max's dad, Eric, "Nothing gets to him."

Despite the hurdles, Max is working hard and trying to think how they can improve.

Eric says, "It's been a learning experience for both of us but he's been great and I'm very proud."

Max hopes to keep growing the business until he goes to college.

To learn more about MAXimum Greens or place an order:


Phone: (269) 625-6511


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