Thousands of runners hit the pavement for annual Sunburst Races


There are thousands of runners in downtown South Bend today and some even traveled from other states to take part in today's races.

It's the event some runners have waited all year for and it's finally here.

About 8,600 people are signed up to run in the SUNBURST Races this morning.

Those include a marathon and half-marathon, a 5K and 10K, and a fun walk. Not to mention a Family Walk that took place last night in downtown South Bend.

It's been a beautiful morning for sunburst runners and many of them are already crossing the finish line.


But this year, that finish line isn't where it normally is. It'll be near the Notre Dame stadium, but not inside it at the 50 yard line.

For the results on today's Sunburst Races, CLICK HERE

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