Two, young brothers die in water-related accident near Argos

The area where the apparent drowning occurred Sunday in Marshall County // WSBT 22 photo

A family from Rochester is facing an unimaginable loss as two of their boys, brothers, died in a water-related accident Sunday afternoon.

It's normally quiet in the rural area of Gumwood Road and 20th in Argos. Though, the peaceful countryside was suddenly struck by tragedy.

The two brothers were playing at Redinger Ditch with a group of friends.

13-year-old Mahlon Martin and 12-year-old Kenneth Martin are identified as the victims.

"The water in this creek is muddy. It's dark water. The boys had no idea how deep the water was," said Cpl. Ken Dowdle, an Indiana Conservation Officer.

He says the water was about five feet deep.

The group saw one of the brothers struggling in the water, so they formed a human chain to get him out. But during that process the other brother fell in, too.

Eventually both brothers were pulled out.

"Chest compressions were going on when I arrived. I was one of the first officers on the scene. Agros E.M.S. followed behind me and continued on with that," said Dowdle.

It wasn't enough. Both of the young brothers died at the scene.

"All the boys that were splashing around in the water did an excellent job. I'm very proud of their rescue effort. Unfortunately, that did not work. But they made every right move that they could to try and assist their friends that were swimming," he said.

Dowdle says this community is close-knit, and is now dealing with an enormous, shocking loss.

"All loss of life is tough. It's always tougher when it involves a young person."

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