Unclaimed $1M lotto ticket sold in Niles


The big-time Mega Million lottery winners are in California and Georgia, splitting $648 million in the second-largest lottery prize in U.S. history. But someone in Niles isn't doing too badly after Tuesday night's drawing, either.

The Michigan Lottery Office announced one of the country's only 5-match Mega Millions tickets, worth $1 million, was sold at the Martin's Supermarket on S. 11th Street in Niles. Only 20 tickets of those were sold in the entire country. That means the chance of buying a winning ticket is 1-in-18,492,204.

The winner had not come forward as of Wednesday, according to the Michigan Lottery office in Lansing.

Ginger Ingleright can hardly believe her grocery store is making someone a near-millionaire.

"That's amazing, isn't it?" Ingleright said. "Well, somebody's going to win. I think it's great that somebody from our community was a lucky person."

Federal taxes take a 25% cut, and the state of Michigan takes another 4.35%, but the lucky winner still has more than $700,000 to spend.

That could buy a 4,700 sq. ft. riverfront home in Niles, or a rare Italian Cizeta V16 sports car, or your own private three-acre island in Belize.

Michael Clayton is hoping his numbers match up.

"I did buy a ticket, I left it with my wife," Clayton said. "I'm going to call her and have her check it right away because if I won, it looks like vacation at about noon."

If he wins, Clayton said, he's taking his wife straight to Hawaii.

"Happy wife, happy life."

The 5 winning numbers are 8, 14, 17, 20 and 39.

The Hoosier Lotto Office said the biggest prize from Tuesday night's drawing in Indiana was $20,000. The next drawing will happen Friday, Dec. 20. The jackpot will be reset to $15 million.