University of Notre Dame changes on-campus living requirements

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If you're a student at Notre Dame prepare to live on campus a little longer. The University has changed its requirements for on-campus residents.

Students will now have to live on campus for three years. They used to only have to live in the dorms for two years.

University leaders are actually hoping students will stay for all four. They say longer requirements help keep the tradition of close community bonds at the university.

“The Office of Student Affairs talked to current students, alumni, parents, the Holy Cross community and did focus groups,” said University Spokesperson, Dennis Brown.

After a lot of work over a few years, leaders with Notre Dame decided to up the on-campus living requirement.

Brown says keeping students together longer creates tighter bonds.

"It really is a distinctive aspect to the Notre Dame experience. It's one of the reasons we think Notre Dame alumni are so loyal to the place because they really do live in community often times for three or four years,” he said.

Brown says he's hoping students will stay on campus longer than the required three years. He says the university will give seniors incentives not to move.

"One of the reasons we want seniors on campus is they can provide mentorship to younger students,” he said.

Others feel living on campus could actually hurt student development. In a statement, a representative from University Edge Apartments says, "Off campus living helps students understand the responsibilities of life after college, such as utility bills, rental payments, purchasing and preparing food, etc..."

The manager of University Edge says the on-campus living requirement won't affect her business too much.

Her main concern is simply preparing students for the real world.

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