UPDATE: A deadly holiday weekend in South Bend


One man is dead and another man is behind bars after a shooting in the area of Olive and Linden Streets in South Bend.

It happened just before 12 Saturday night. The victim died after getting shot in the stomach. Police have not yet released his name or age, but the suspect did turn himself in to officers within two to three hours after the shooting. Although he's off the streets, neighbors are still worried about their safety.

Crime scene tape, flashing lights and police officers... it's a scene that disturbed neighbors and created plenty of fear.

"It makes me feel like it's getting worse and it's not getting better and I'm afraid for my grand kids -- all of us actually," said neighbor Rosie Hunt.

Hunt lives down the road from where a man was shot and killed last night near the intersection of Olive and Linden. She was headed home at the time when...

"All I saw was nothing but the Olive Street was full of police officers," Hunt said.

Hunt's grandson, Tyeshun Johnson, was also coming home from work.

"I saw I believe it was the immediate family," Johnson said. "For some reason I saw the police and all the lights and hear someone crying, I just believe that either it was his wife or someone real close."

The entire situation has neighbors on edge

"It's a bad thing, but what can we do?" Hunt asked. "The ones that did it... we all have to get better, be better, do better things to keep these types of crime down."

"It makes it seem like my life could be taken. I'm young, I'm 17 and I could get my life taken over nothing," Johnson said.

At this point, Metro Homicide is not commenting on a motive for the shooting.

The suspect is now behind bars. He's being held on a preliminary charge of murder. A Metro Homicide investigator says the suspect's name will not be released until he's formally charged. The prosecutor is expected to review the case Monday.


A fire broke out in a business in the exact same area just a day later. Police say as of right now they aren't aware of any connection.

Several witnesses told us the shooting actually happened in that building, but that information was not confirmed by police.

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