UPDATE: Firefighters battle building fire near Michigan and Calvert


South Bend firefighters put out a big building fire this evening at a location that they say has history of fire calls.

The fire happened at a two-story building near South Michigan and East Calvert streets next to the South Side Grocery.

Firefighters say it's a vacant building and they are fairly confident no was inside when the fire broke out.

However, fear of a roof collapse prompted fire crews to stay out of the building and attack it from the outside.

"We were told by police that there were holes in the ceiling, in the roof area," Assistant Chief John Corthier says. "We did not know that upon arrival at the scene, but that would help a fire burn. But it was just the nature of the fire that caused our firefighters to back out and our incident commander to determine we were fighting this fire from the outside."

Corthier says the building is likely a total loss and code enforcement had deemed it uninhabitable prior to tonight's fire.

There is still no word on the cause.

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