UPDATE: LaVille Jr/Sr. HS and Elementary closed Wednesday due to water issues


LaVille Junior/Senior High School and Elementary will be closed tomorrow, November 6, due to water issues.

We were first told Tuesday afternoon that the high school was without water after a well went out.

LaVille High School Principal Nate McKeand says custodians were working to keep tokeep the toilets flushing by bringing water in from other nearby facilities.

McKeand said the high school was also able to bring water over for students to drink.

Students were not send home early Tuesday, but an announcement was made to students before they left for the day saying school would be cancelled tomorrow due to the issues.

"We couldn't drink, couldn't use the restroom, and if we wanted water, they told us to go to the office, and they were having people hand out water," said LaVille High School senior Austin Wilson.

In the announcement, the principal says a replacing the well will not be completed in time for school tomorrow.

"As of right now, there needs to be a new pump installed, followed by water tests to ensure staff and student safety," the announcement said.

"After consulting with the Health Department, and those responsible for replacing the well pump, this process will not be completed in time to have school tomorrow."

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