UPDATE: Pathologist rules South Bend baby's death a homicide


3 p.m. TUESDAY UPDATE: With the autopsy complete, the pathologist has ruled 11-month-old Micahyah Crockett's death was a homicide caused by "brain swelling due to lack of oxygen."

Toxicology work is being sent to a lab, but wont be available for several weeks.Kelli Stopczynski has the latest on that and the mother's court appearance today. AndZach Crenshaw spoke with the boy's father, who is attending a vigil tonight at 6:30 at the Sadie Street home where the alleged abuse happened. Watch WSBT News at 5 and 6 and stay with

TUESDAY MORNING UPDATE: Nyesha Crockett is charged in the death of her 11-month-old son Micahyah. According to court documents released to WSBT, police say she was angry at the child's father. She is accused of strangling, hitting and kicking the baby until he stopped crying, then playing a game on her cellphone.


During the investigation into Micahyah's abuse, police say Nyesha admitted to putting another of her babies in a vegetative state earlier this year. That injury was originally thought to be accidental.

Nyesha Crockett is being arraigned at 1 p.m. She will appear in front of a judge via video from the jail. She currently has no bond. Per Indiana law, she could ask for a bond reduction but that would have to go before a judge.

Baby Micahyah's autopsy is at 12:45 today.

The family is holding a vigil at the Sadie Street home where the incidents happened at 6:30 tonight.

Stay with WSBT News online and on the air for updates.

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MONDAY NIGHT UPDATE: Micahyah Crockett, an 11-month-old boy severely injured in what police suspect was a horrific act of abuse this weekend, has died in the hospital. His mother, Nyesha Crockett, has been charged in the death.

Nyesha told police she used a shirt to smother the baby that she threw him on the ground and kicked and struck him.Metro Homicide says Nyesha sent text messages to the father: "Come get him before I hurt him," "Good luck with everything," "I hope you find your son," and "OK, think I won't?"

Police say Alaiyah Crockett is another baby Nyesha abused on Feb 1, 2014 the girl was 14 months old at the time. That baby is now in a "vegetative state."

Alaiyah's injury was originally considered an accident. With this new investigation into Micahyah's death, police say Nyesha admitted responsibility.

For the death of Micahyah and the abuse of Alaiyah, Nyesha Crockett has been charged with Battery, Murder, Aggravated Battery and Neglect of a Dependent.

Tim Corbett with St. Joseph County Metro Homicide says, "If this ever comes about again where somebody can't handle their child, call us. We'll come get the child. We'll take that child away from you and do whatever we can. This is not the answer, killing a baby."

SUNDAY NIGHT UPDATE: We now know the name of a South Bend woman accused of abusing her child injuring him to the point where he is now in extremely critical condition.Nyesha Crockett is being held on multiple felony battery charges. The mother was arrested Sunday, and her son remains in the hospital.The boy at the heart of the child abuse investigation is 11-month-old Micahyah.This tragic case played out last night at a house in the 100 block of North Sadie Street.Neighbors and relatives tell us that baby Micahyah even stopped breathing."I was terrified," said neighbor Shanning Bell. "I went over there. I saw everybody crying. Iwent in the house and the baby was pale and blue and breathless."Tequilla Woodard is a cousin of the baby's father."To do that to a child, like a baby, a 1-year-old at thatI don't understand," she says.Lashanda Bell reflected on the situation in her neighborhood as well."I am not sure what went on inside there," said Bell. "It's sad. It was a happy and joyful baby."We are still trying to learn more about Nyesha Crockett, the mother charged in the case. Metro Homicide Commander Tim Corbett says more details on her past may be coming out later this week .Even though Metro Homicide is involved, at last report Corbett says the baby is still alive. But once again, he describes the child's condition as "extremely critical. "In the meantime Nyesha Crockett sits in jail.No bond for her has been set.