UPDATE: Police ID 2 injured in Elkhart County accidental shooting


Police are investigating after two people were accidentally shot at a home in Elkhart on Sunday.

It happened around 5:40 p.m in the 22000 block of C.R. 10.

"This was an accidental shooting which occurred while an adult male at the home was cleaning his firearm," Captain Jim Bradberry with the Elkhart County Sheriff's Department told WSBT.

Police have identified the man as 37-year-old Phillip Vincze.

"He [Vincze] received injuries to his handand an adult female at the home received injuries to her legs afterthe gun discharged."

The female has been identified as Jennette Collins.

Bradberry said Vincze thought the gun was clear of bullets when he pulled the trigger, shooting himself through the hand. The bullet then went through both of Collins' legs.

Both Vincze and Collins were taken to Memorial Hospital for treatment.

The incident is still under investigation.