UPDATE: Police ID robbery suspect shot, killed at Long John Silver's


Police say 39-year-old Eddie Macon Junior of Elkhart is the man police shot and killed during an armed robbery last night at Long John Silver's in Niles.

This wasn't Macon's first run-in with police.

We found another mug shot from Elkhart County.

In November of last year he was arrested on two misdemeanor charges and he also did time for an incident in Berrien County before being released in June of last year.

Police say just after 11 Friday night they got a call about an armed robbery at the Long John Silver's in Niles.

Several officers found Eddie Macon Junior inside with a gun.

Macon tried to get out the back but other officers were back there waiting.

Police say Macon went back in briefly but then came right back out and "engaged" police.

Then officers from Niles and Michigan State Police shot at Macon.

He was taken to a hospital but ended up dying.

Bonnie Jurcisek lives in Cassopolis but she goes to the Long John Silver's in Niles often.

She says, "It's starting to happen everywhere in small towns and communities. You're not safe anywhere."

No police officers were injured.

Niles police say four employees were in the restaurant at the time but none of them were hurt either.

Linda Nelson says, "you just don't know when to anticipate something like this. You can't so you have to have a plan."

Nelson is the owner of the Hob Nob Bistro.

It's right next to the Long John Silver's in Niles.

Her restaurant has several security cameras but after the incident Friday she made sure to talk with all of her employees and go over what they should do if something like this ever happens to them.

Nelson says, "In the face of a gun hand them whatever they want. No one's life is worth what measly little money they're going to get out of the cash register."

Police say they recovered Macon's handgun and money from Long John Silver's at the scene.

The Michigan State Police Crime Lab and 5th District Headquarters are helping with the on-going investigation.

The restaurant was back open Saturday.

We went inside to get a comment but were told to call the corporate offices on Monday.

The following is a release from the Niles Police Department:

On 5/2/14 at approx. 11:09pm the Niles City Police Department received a call from a citizen who reported an armed robbery occurring at the Long John Silver's restaurant (1015 S. 11th St.) Officers from the Niles City PD, Michigan State Police, and Berrien County Sheriff's Dept. responded to the business. Once officers were positioned around the business three officers entered the restaurant through the front door. As the officers made their way through the business they confronted the suspect armed with a handgun near the back of the restaurant. As the officers approached the suspect he exited out the back door at which time he engaged the officers positioned there. Officers from the Niles City PD and Michigan State Police discharged their weapons striking the suspect. The suspect was transported to an area hospital by SMCAS ambulance where he succumbed to his injuries.

The suspect is a 39 year old African American male from Elkhart, IN. His identity is not being released until notification to his family is made. The suspect's handgun and money from the business (undisclosed amount) were recovered at the scene.

The Michigan State Police Crime Lab and 5th District Headquarters are assisting in the investigation. The identities of the officers involved are not being released at this time.

The investigation is ongoing.