UPDATE: Woman hit on U.S. 12 during 'Michigan's Longest Garage Sale' has died

A pedestrian was killed on U.S. 12 near Bell Road Friday morning. Police say she was shopping at the “Michigan's Longest Garage Sale." Police have warned drivers to be cautious // WSBT 22 photo

FRIDAY UPDATE: A pedestrian taken to the hospital after being hit on U.S. 12 near Bell Road this morning has died. State police say it appears the 78-year-old Carole Martin was shopping at “Michigan's Longest Garage Sale."

She later died at the hospital.

She was attempting to cross the road to get back to her car when she was hit.

Juliann Szucs was holding a garage sale of her own nearby when she heard the sound.

"A really loud thump. At first we thought it was a dog because the car went and made a lot of noise and everything, and then we found out it was a person, which is even more heartbreaking," says Szucs.

With two days left of the garage sale, Michigan State Police are warning shoppers to take a simple precaution and look both ways before crossing the street.

"It seems pretty simple to do that, but some people just forget. They buy their items, and they start walking back to their car," says trooper Benjamin Mahffie. "They just don't think, you know, 'I'm just at a garage sale.' But this is highly-traveled, fast freeway."

Police want drivers to be cautious too.

Slowing down can help, but police say the driver that hit the woman was actually driving well below the 55 mile per hour speed limit.

The bottom line: added traffic to an already busy highway can be dangerous.

Juliann Szucz says she is scared for the children and will now be taking more precautions.

"You really just have to watch. Not focus on what you're trying to buy. Focus on getting across the street," says Szucs.

Police say it's important for shoppers to know cars have the right of way along US 12.

ORIGINAL STORY: It's dubbed as the world's largest yard sale. It's getting ready to start along U.S.12 Friday.

Some people are already setting up. Racks are going up in front yards all up and down U.S.

There are some concerns for those selling and buying. Safety officials are warning people to watch out for bargain hunters along the state highway.

A person riding their bike was hit by a car and killed along U.S. 12 in Edwardsburg last year. The sale was going on at the time.

This garage sale stretches 180 miles from New Buffalo to Detroit.

U.S.12 has a speed limit of 55.

Michigan State Police say drivers need to be cautious of people pulling in and out of parking spots.

"We want to make sure as people are entering and exiting their vehicles, that people driving are aware that these people are entering and exiting. As well as the people that are at the garage sales that are getting ready to get into their vehicles that they're paying attention to the traffic that is flowing down U.S. 12,” said Sgt. Jason Bailey with Michigan State Police.

Police say sellers can help the flow of traffic by having clear signs marking where people can park so they pull off the road quickly.

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