Walorski getting early 2014 heat from pair of Democrats


She hasn't been in office for a year, but Rep. Jackie Walorski already has competition for her 2nd district congressional seat.

Two Democrats have thrown their hats into the 2014 election.

Both are already unofficially campaigning for the seat even though they can't file the necessary paperwork to run until February.

Dan Morrison lost the 2012 Democratic primary by a mere 1,700 votes. However, he's not giving up on a shot at Walorski's seat.

"I have been knocking on some doors," said Morrison. "I have been talking politics with some people with party regulators."

Morrison plans to run again in the 2014 Democratic primary.

"The real reason is it's a government of the people, by the people, for the people, and unfortunately in D.C., there seems to be too much bi-partisan politics on both sides," Morrison added.

Morrison will first face Joe Bock, who spent three terms in the Missouri state legislature before moving to Indiana for a new job.

"First and foremost is to try to turn the economy around, to move it from a period of economic growth to a period of robust growth," said Bock.

Just as Bock kicks off his campaign, his critics are questioning his record as a Missouri state representative. The National Republican Congressional Committee calls him Joe "The Mad-Taxer" Bock, saying he voted for major tax hikes in the early 90s.

Bock replied: "My response to that is that we have plenty of time to get into details of politics. This isn't what I wanted to do today. What I want to do today is to let the people of northern Indiana know that I believe our congresswoman is doing a poor job in Washington D.C. and that I am an alternative who can be a problem solver, rather than somebody who engages in ideological theatrics."

When asked what she has to say about the potential Democratic challengers, a spokesperson for Walorski released this statement, saying: "Jackie remains focused on working across the aisle to find common sense solutions to our nation's problems. She is committed to creating good-paying jobs to jumpstart the economy."

Morrison says he plans to officially kick off his campaign in January.

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