Warsaw and Winona Lake's Fat and Skinny Tire Fest celebrates cycling

WSBT 22 photo

A big end to the "Bike to Work Week" in Kosciusko County. The Fat and Skinny Tire Fest is underway.

The festival is happening in the Village at Winonna. It's one of the largest cycling events in the Midwest.

The 15th annual event got its name because organizers say there were never bike races for both mountain bikes and road bikes.

Organizers say this festival does a lot for the town.

"So, we try to point out things like the greenway and villages success is a perfect example you have people who love to come down here to destination and helps the local economy is this is left to be here because people move here so just try to highlight all those things,” said Director Greg Denopoulos.

All the proceeds go to the upkeep of local mountain bike trails or to build more bike lanes and greenways.

The Fat and Skinny Tire Fest goes all weekend.

WSBT 22's Alex Elich has a preview of the weekend-long festivities.

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