Wawasee students use business idea to raise money for their school


They're all the rage with kids these days. Some Wawasee students are using fidget spinners for a good cause.

Two seventh graders came up with the idea. Austin Myers and Grant Brooks have sold nearly 200 of them in just a few weeks.

They're using that money to help their school.

"Grant came to me and he said look what I got online. Do you think we could make these with our 3-D printer? I said, we can try,” said teacher, Kim McCreary.

"It just turned into a big business,” said Myers.

The pet project has been hugely popular with the students.

"They will come up to me saying Mrs. McCreary, Mrs. McCreary when is my spinner going to be done? Of course they want it right this second,” she said.

"Every morning there's about 20 to 30 kids in the room ordering them or picking them up,” said Brooks.

It's not just Wawasee students who want to get their spin on. McCreary says she's gotten requests from teachers at other schools and a local counseling center.

So far, they have sold 192 spinners for a whopping $866. They're hoping to buy a new 3-D printer, which costs $500.

McCreary says the goal of her program -- Project Lead the Way -- is to introduce youngsters to different aspects of engineering. She says Myers and Brooks have exceeded all expectations.

"They've kind of added the business aspect of being an engineer, is trying to sell and market your product,” said McCreary.

For the boys that's one of the best parts of the project.

"Knowing that one day I could actually start a business of my own,” said Myers.

"If I ever do open a business I’ll have some experience and how to run one,” Brooks said.

Both students say they're not done fine tuning their design. The boys say they're looking for different lubricants to make the spinners go even faster.

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