"We'll scare the yell out of you": Niles Scream Park opens this weekend


Halloween is right around the corner. That means Haunted Houses are starting to pop up.

Niles Scream Park is considered one of the scariest attractions in the country.

But it doesn't just serve up screams. It also raises more than a million dollars for non-profit organizations.

In the light, it doesn't seem so terrifying. Niles Scream Park is about to open its doors this weekend to kick off the season.

"I’ve been doing this since 1980. I've probably been to more than 500 haunted houses from that time because each year I travel. So I have not been just in the Midwest, I have been from coast to coast. This is a top 20 haunt within this industry,” said Manager Pete Karlowicz.

As night falls, the 44-acre lot becomes haunted grounds. Filled with five attractions, food stands and hay-rides the business is no stranger to success.

Most of the funds aren't kept and instead are given back to people who need it most.

"We have Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, we have Relay for Life, St. Jude’s, Pet Refuge. It encompasses it all,” said volunteer, Tracy Renbarger.

The park has hundreds of volunteers all raising money for their charities. With more than $1-million raised over the years for local and national efforts.

Last year alone they raised $124,000 and the Haunted Park doesn't seem to be slowing down

If you dare step foot in Niles Scream Park, keep in mind it's all for a good cause because they're only scaring because they're caring.

"Come out and see us, we'll scare the yell out of you,” said Renbarger.

The park officially opens this weekend and runs into the first week of November.

The park is also showing off its newest attraction "Hooded" where they will put a mask over your head like this one and send you into the house alone.

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