What do moms want for Mother's Day?


Americans spend millions on their mothers. In fact, last year, they spent $21.4 billion, according to national research.

So out of all those gifts -- what do moms like the most?

WSBT 22 asked and many said they wouldn’t mind a few extra hours of sleep. Of course no gift compares to time with your kids and spouse.

"Oh, the best gift is rest,” said mother of three, Decao Scott.

"A spa day would be great,” mom of two, Denee Dellinger said.

"Some house cleaning certificates from like a cleaning company here locally in town,” Beth Clark said.

Clark is a stay-at-home mom of two. Over the years she celebrated each Mother's Day differently. But there is one type of gift she likes the most.

"The best gifts of course are the homemade ones from school. Pre-school or the ones they put their heart into making for you. They're always my favorites,” Clark said.

Scott has a perfect idea for Sunday.

“Time with the kids. Breakfast, lunch and dinner made for me,” she said.

Scott says even though Mother's Day comes once a year -- her three girls make each one special.

"They go pick me flowers all the time. That's the best that they always do. They always come in everyday with a flower for me. So I keep them all,” said Scott.

Sometimes the best gift is from your own mother.

"I actually got a necklace that I have on right now. That was my favorite. My mom got it for me last year before she was born actually,” said Dellinger.

Even though flowers, balloons and cards are great gifts, these ladies say the best gifts are those that made them a mom.

"Some extra time with my kids. I work a lot so. I actually got Mother's Day off for the first time in like two years,” Dellinger said.

"Just a special mom and your kid's time together. That would be nice,” Clark said.

WSBT 22 posted a poll on Twitter and Facebook early Friday.

Many moms said, "Spending time with your spouse and kids" is the most important. Alone time was the second highest choice.

We have a gallery of photos from you for this Mother's Day! Check them out!

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