Why is the Bypass so dangerous in the winter?

When snow falls and the temperature drops, it's usually a good idea to avoid the US 20 Bypass at all costs.

The bypass is notoriously dangerous in the winter. But have you ever wondered why it's typically the first place drivers run into problems?

According to our news partners at the South Bend Tribune, the bypass has a lot of things working against it.

St. Joseph County Police have been called out to the bypass nearly 600 times since December. Police were called to the bypass nearly half as much during the same time last year.

This stretch of highway has a lot of overpasses and bridges, which are the first to freeze when it's windy or cold.

There are also many open fields on both sides of the bypass, which allow winds to blow snow back onto the road.

But police say drivers need to take some of the blame. In 2005, the speed limit on the bypass was bumped up to 65 -- and police say many times, people are driving way too fast for the conditions.

Right now, INDOT is planting wild-flowers near the bypass to try to block some of the wind.