Woman believes dog was hanged, investigators say it was a tragic accident


A St. Joseph County woman says something horrific happened to her dog and she wants police to investigate. She believes someone hanged and gutted her Siberian husky. But police say the dog accidentally killed itself.

"Shock and disbelief," says Kristen Janowsky as she describes what she found this past weekend.

"It was out of the worst horror movie," says Janowsky.

Janowsky, an Iraq War veteran who fosters Siberian Huskies, found her 1-year-old foster dog, Seuss, dead. He had been hanged and gutted.

Janowsky says she believes someone killed the sweet and friendly Husky because it was making too much noise.

Janowsky says the fence prongs on her chain linked fence had been pried up. But there was no blood or hair on the prongs.

"I guess if a dog was on this fence they would pull the prongs down," says Janowsky.

But investigators with the St. Joseph County Sheriff's Department say, while it is tragic it is most likely a terrible accident.

"This is not the first time we have ever had a case like this," says Assistant Chief Bill Thompson.

Thompson says the dog most likely got his collar caught on the fence and hurt himself. Thompson says detectives conferred with the St. Joseph County Humane Society and have viewed photographs taken by the initial responding officer.

"The case isn't closed yet," says Thompson, "But as of right now I can tell you our theory is this was a very unfortunate accident."

"I just don't understand the physics," says Janowsky who says she is not giving up. And she hopes the community will push the police to investigate further.

"It's not fair that this dog cant even have his death investigated. that they are just blowing the whole thing off. I don't understand that," she says.

Janowsky says she had the dog cremated and will take its ashes to Alaska.

Police posted on Facebook how their investigation took place because so many people believe they are not taking it seriously.