NW Ind. lake search linked to SW Mich. doc's disappearance


Indiana State Police say a search of a northwestern Indiana lake failed to turn up any evidence related to the disappearance last month of a Michigan doctor.

Police said Wednesday that the Jan. 23 search of Lake Charles in the town of Porter was part of an ongoing missing person's case involving Teleka Patrick of Kalamazoo. Her car was found abandoned by an Indiana trooper on Dec. 5 along I-94 and near the lake about 15 miles east of Gary.

Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller has said Patrick told colleagues on Dec. 5 she was going to Chicago to visit a relative, but told another colleague she needed money and a ride to a nearby hotel.

Patrick went missing in early December of 2013. Police say she was last seen getting into her car in the Borgess Medical Center parking lot on December 5. Patrick is a medical resident at the center.

Her gold 1997 Lexus was found later that night abandoned on I-94, just eat of the Porter/Burns Harbor exit -- which is adjacent to Lake Charles.

The Washtenaw County Sheriff's Department in Michigan assisted with the search. They department has a specialized team that is able to search the water, under the ice.

Sonar was placed into a series of holes drilled in the ice. The data was then sent to a computer.

Unfortunately, the sonar did not detect any evidence or clues that would assist in the investigation, according to police.

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