Animals kept as exotic pets surrendered, no questions asked

The organization behind Saturday's event warned people to surrender exotic animals instead of releasing them. (WLUK/Chris Bourassa)

KAUKAUNA, Wisc. (WLUK) -- Surrender, don't release -- that was the message behind Saturday's exotic animal surrender event in Kaukauna.

It was held at the 1000 Islands Environmental Center and accepted fish, birds and aquarium pets with no questions asked.

It's part of an initiative to give exotic pet owners, who are no longer able to care for their pets, another option.

The society says releasing exotic animals into the environment is dangerous to both the animal and the habitat.

"The Wisconsin weather is probably not the most convenient for a tropical animal, but if it were to become established, it could have all sorts of ecological implications. It could predate native animals, it could push native animals out of their habitat, introduce disease, said John Moyles, president of the Green Bay Aquarium Society

The society is hosting a fish auction at the Starlite Club in Kaukauana Sunday.

Any fresh and saltwater fish surrendered at today's event will be available to purchase.

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