Brian Kelly reflects on his first meeting with Ara Parseghian

Brian Kelly // WSBT 22 Photo

On Saturday afternoon at Culver, Notre Dame football players prepared for their first mandatory day off from training camp on Sunday. But Head Coach Brian Kelly would spend his day remembering one of the legends that came before him.

Kelly said, "Your first year as the head coach of Notre Dame, I mean you know who your call list is. You're calling Ara and Lou Holtz right away."

So, that's exactly what he did. In 2010, Kelly spoke with Ara Parseghian for the first time.

He said, "I almost had to beg him to come by because he didn't want to be a distraction." Kelly added, "I remember him saying, 'I don't want to be a distraction' and I was like 'you're Ara Parseghian, you're not a distraction.'"

Kelly said he kept the invitation open for Parseghian to join them in practice at anytime, but he said, "He wasn't that man. He wanted you to do your thing. He walked away from football at 50-something years old. I remember working really hard to just get him to go to a practice and then having him there I asked him to be speak and he was like, 'you want me to speak t your team?' and I was like, 'for an hour if you would.'"

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