Burger King Outstanding Student Athlete: Clay's Tysean Sheppard

He's never been the biggest guy on the court, but that hasn't stopped Clay's Tysean Sheppard from having a big season.

"Sometimes he'll make a move in traffic and my assistant and I look at each other and say 'Wow!'," Clay head coach Delray Brooks says.

The wow factor is usually in full effect at South Bend Clay games. With just a few weeks left in the regular season, only one play (Riley's Damezi Anderson) in northern Indiana is averaging more points than Tysean Sheppard's 2423.8 points per game.

"His ability to get his shot off - whether its a 3-point shot, whether its putting it on the floor and pulling up the mid-range, or getting to the basket - All 3 facets he can do," says Brooks. "That's what impresses me."

As a young kid Sheppard honed his skills, like so many younger brothers in this state have.

"Growing up with my brother, he was pretty big," Sheppard says. "I was faster than him. He was still fast, but I was faster than him, so I used it against him."

His success hasn't come by accident. Sheppard was a good player as a junior, but an off season of hard work has led to huge gains.

"He's had tremendous success but he can be even better," says Brooks. "He continues to work and continues to listen. If he continues to do that, I think he'll be even better than what we've seen this year."

High praise from Clay coach Delray Brooks, who was once an Indiana Mr. Basketball himself.

Sheppard is being recruited by several programs and hopes to continue his career in college.

"I've been working since September with the team to get where I am now," says Sheppard.

"It makes me feel really good. I'm proud of myself."

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