Elkhart Central's new approach

Elkhart Central has a new approach this season, coming from new coach // WSBT 22 Photo

The Blue Blazers football program got a face-lift when new head coach Josh Shattuck arrived this June.

Shattuck coached at Seymour for four years, taking them from an 0-10 record, to 8-4 his final season.

From Seymour, he brought Cody French, co-defensive coordinator, along with a whole new approach for Central's program.

Shattuck said, "I'm trying to instill the workload, trying to instill the communication, the importance that is being placed on a varsity football player at a 5A school with a tradition and history of Elkhart Central. And so we needed to improve the value of being a part of our program. Those are some of the things we've done. We've had a lot of great conversations there. And then the second thing is just how to practice, the tempo of practice, the execution and the intensity level of practice was just the biggest thing on the field that we had to change."

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