Concord and Northridge preparing for NLC title clash

Northridge Football // WSBT 22

Two undefeated squads will face off on Friday night, for a conference title. 7-0 Northridge will travel to Jake Field in Dunlap to meet 7-0 Concord.

The Northern Lakes Conference title is on the line when they meet.

For the Raiders, its a chance to win their first conference crown.

"Concord's a great team," says Raiders senior Nick Yoder. "They've got some really big guys that we've got to line up against. So, right now we're just focusing on hitting first and trying to be the best team on the field."

"We've been focusing on physicality," quarterback Nick Hooley agrees. "The more physical team I think will win. And like I said, it's just going to be a smashmouth football game."

Concord coach Craig Koehler agrees.

Concord is ranked 3rd in class 5A, and the Minutemen haven't really been challenged since week three, winning last 4 games by an average of 27 points per game.

But Koehler knows his team is in for a real fight on Friday.

"Both sides of the ball its kind of like looking at yourself," Koehler says. "A lot of the same offensive formations. A lot of the same schemes. A lot of the same plays. So a lot of the stuff we're going to see - we've seen it. And they're saying the same thing."

"It's going to be interesting. I don't remember a game of this magnitude where is almost mirror images on both sides of the ball."

Northridge and Concord are scheduled to kick-off at 7:00 Friday night in Dunlap. Watch highlights at 10 on FOX Michiana and 11 on WSBT 22.

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