FURTHER REVIEW: Samardzija snub the latest case against baseball's midsummer classic


After three stellar months on the mound, Jeff Samardzija earned his first spot in the all-star game.

And it's being taken away. Unfairly.

Samardzija was named to the national league all-star roster for what he did with the Cubs. But since he was traded to Oakland over the weekend, baseball has ruled Samardzija ineligible for the all-star game.

The Shark, is just the latest casualty of Bud Selig's poor judgement.The only reason baseball's brass won't let Samardzija play, is because his pitching might actually shift the competitive balance of the game. A game that doesn't need to have a competitive balance to begin!

The all-star game is supposed to be an exhibition. It was once the best one in sports...until commissioner Bud Selig decided to poison making one night count more than the other 162 combined.

When Selig hitched home field advantage in the World Series to the outcome of the All-Star game, he ruined on of baseball's best nights. Indefinitely. Perhaps permanently.

The mid-summer classic is supposed to be a celebration of the game, and it's greatest players.Next Tuesday night in Minnesota should be a farewell to Derek Jeter. A chance for Minnesota born & bred Joe Mauer should star in front of his home fans. And Jeff Samardzija should play in the all-star game...because he earned it, and he wants to.

It's not like he's been there five times before and wants the weekend off. Samardzija wants to play.

So let him play!

I don't care if he pitches in a Cubs jersey - since he earned the nod as a Cub.

I'm fine if he pitches in an A's jersey - since that's who he plays for now.

I think it would be fine if he threw one inning for EACH...and switched jerseys in between.

That would be fun. Which is what the all-star game used to be.

But not anymore.