Irish equipment staff makes room for Under Armour


Equipment manager Ryan Grooms is probably the busiest guy on the Notre Dame football staff this summer, perhaps the busiest guy on the entire campus.

"It's all new gear. It's all new apparel," Grooms says.

On July 1, Under Armour became the official outfitter of Notre Dame athletics. And that means Grooms has had to change his entire inventory.

"July is a busy month for us," Grooms told WSBT. "Especially this, because we ordered everything from scratch. Everything from head to toe is brand new."

It's enough to fill an entire catalog.

"We've got 2,500 pairs of shoes," Grooms says. "3,295 pairs of socks," he adds precisely.

And that's just the beginning. Shirts, hats, cold weather gear, coaches gear, practice gear and uniforms are all coming in by the truckload. Enough to cover every player, for every scenario.

"We didn't know if (QB) Everett (Golson) wanted the 'highlight'. He may want the 'blur' or the 'nitro'. Those are the three (types of) skill shoes. So we have all three available for him since it's year one. We have all options available. We ordered a little heavy, but its necessary to stock the shelves for the unknown."

What is known is once the inventory arrives, the heavy lifting begins.

"Today, we got here at 7:30 and we'll be here until 8 tonight. I'm a little OCD when it comes to this room. I want to know where everything is. Fortunately, I've got a great staff."

Inventory is taken and everything is put in its place - precisely.

"The room is 100 % empty, and in a couple days it will be 100% full."

And once that happens? It's time for football.

"It's a lot of work, but it's the start of a new era."

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