Kelly: Notre Dame defense outperforming the offense


In hopes of turning around a program, Brian Kelly overhauled both his staff and his philosophy this off-season. The only concrete evidence that those changes were making a difference, were reports from the weight room.

On Wednesday, Notre Dame football returned to campus for practice No. 8 of fall camp, and that is when fans got another encouraging sign, Brian Kelly offered an interesting revelation.

He said, the defense, is outperforming the offense right now. And in Kelly's opinion, that hasn't happened in several years.

Kelly was asked if after eight practices, he has a sense of how good his team will be in 2017

Prompting him to answer with:

"There are still basic tenants of the game. You don't give up the big play, keep the ball in front of you, run the football, and don't turn it over. If you see a lot of that in practice – if your offense is way ahead of your defense all the time in practice, that's a scary place to be as a head coach. For the first time in several years our defense is a little bit ahead of our offense. That's a good feeling to have."

Kelly also praised his entire team for their attitude so far during training camp.

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