Kelly says he values focus over talent

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Brian Kelly has spent the majority of training camp so far, convincing his players that their attitude will get them on the field before anything else.

Kelly met with the media after practice on Wednesday, and admitted that his team last season lacked confidence.

But everything he's doing right now, is to offset that. Eight days into practice, but 8 months since overhauling his program, Kelly thinks his team is sitting on a much stronger foundation.

When asked if he was happy with the progress his team had made so far in training camp, he used a golf metaphor to break it down.

Kelly said, "It's not about the talent, yea you have to have good players, I get that. We have to recruit good players, but Jordan Spieth is a good player. But he's not closing in on the career grand slam because he out drives everybody and puts it within three feet. He's got grit. He's got resilience. He's got laser focus. He's got all of the things I've been talking about."

He said his team is starting to understand the relationship of these traits to how they play football.

"They kind of understood it when they were in the weight room and how it related to the discipline in and out of the classroom and the community, now they are starting to see how that translates to the football field," Kelly said.

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