Irish eager to move past Georgia loss

Jerry Tillery chases Georgia QB Jake Fromm from the pocket during Notre Dame's 20-19 loss to the Bulldogs on September 9, 2017. // WSBT 22 Photo

Notre Dame got back to work Tuesday as they try to move past their loss to Georgia and get ready for Boston College.

As eager as the Irish are to move past the loss, they need to be careful not to repeat the mistakes of last year. A season which saw the Irish lose close game after close game.

Fifth year Captain Mike McGlinchey shared an interesting revelation Wednesday-- that the trials of last season often led the Irish to panic.

That panic caused them to get out of character.

It's something McGlinchey doesn’t see happening again.

"I think that's where we screwed up last year in the fact that we tried to do too much," McGlinchey says. "When you mess up a play or when you mess up a game as a team, you wind up on the losing side of things; it's normally just a couple small things here and there that you've got to change."

"Where we're going to be a lot different is we're not going to go into panic mode. We're not going to go into anything that's too drastic because we know we are a good football team. We've got a lot of talented players and a lot of great leaders, and we're going to just be as consistent as we can, as possible, to get our jobs done and to eliminate the mistakes that were made. And that's all you really can do."

Notre Dame plays at Boston College Saturday at 3:30 p.m.

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