Notre Dame Football forging a culture of competition


Notre Dame football has been busy forging a new identity this spring.

We've seen physical changes in the players already and expect to see more changes reflected on the field as a result of play-calling.

But that's not all.

Coach Brian Kelly has fostered a high level of competition this spring. Kelly broke up his team into eight smaller groups and everything they do is graded. From lifting, to film study, to execution in practice.

It's all posted for the whole team to see.

"We're competing on a day to day basis. Points are being accumulated so every single day our players see the competition that's out there." said Kelly, "Obviously then you get into practice and you want to see great competition as well. I think you've got to compete all year round and we're going to continue to do that all through the summer as well. "

The Fighting Irish will cap the spring training period of the off-season with the annual Blue and Gold game. Notre Dame will take the field at Notre Dame Stadium on Saturday, April 22 at 12:30 p.m. est.

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