Local high school quarterbacks train together prior to season

Sharpley 1.jpg

Several local high school quarterbacks will soon have to transition from collaborators to combatants.

At Sharpley Training in Elkhart, quarterbacks have been honing their skills alongside one another in anticipation of the 2017 Indiana high school football season, which has provided for an interesting yet competitive dynamic.

"It's been an interesting dynamic and of course you have that dynamic of pretty much every Friday night, I have two guys going head to head that have either worked out here together or seen each other in passing." said Evan Sharpley, former Notre Dame quarterback and owner of Sharpley Training, "But it's still that competitive nature where they know this other guy is working, can they out work him. And it's 'how many reps did he do? I want to do one more'."

High school teams in Indiana will kick-off the season this Friday, August 18. Make sure you tune in to WSBT 22's first episode of Friday Night Football fever where you can see highlights from all of the local teams and even place your vote for highlight of the night.

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