South Bend hosts football coaches' safety class

South Bend high school, middle, and youth football coaches attend a safety training class related to efforts to make football safer and reduce concussions // WSBT 22 Photo

SB Riley High School, in conjunction with the national organization, USA Football, hosted a coaches' safety training Saturday morning. This is all related to efforts to make football safer and reduce concussions.

The training was attended by all South Bend high school and middle school coaches as well as others from other school districts and youth football.

SB Riley's Varsity Football Coach, Jarvis Edison, said, "There's a lot of different things out there, particularly with the safety measures as far as the concussion aspect and also being able to prevent or minimize heat related injuries that happen on the field. So it's a lot of new things as far as how to properly teach our players how to keep their head of a tackle and how to block. It's just a re-education for all of us to be able to properly show them how to do things and so we can keep this game running strong."

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