SB Adams basketball confident heading into regionals

Only 16 teams remain in class 4A, and South Bend Adams is one of them.

The Eagles survived a killer sectional last week, and are getting ready for the Michigan City regional this weekend.

They will face Merrillville at 10:00 Saturday morning.

Adams has won 17 of it's last 18 games, and they feel pretty good about their chances of playing for awhile.

Walter Ellis is Adam's junior forward.

"It's definitely a booster. For us I think we just need to stay level headed. Just because we won sectionals everybody's making that a big deal. I think we just need to stay level headed," Ellis said.

Adam's senior center, William Jeffers, agreed.

"It feels good to go to school and have practice after still. To have something to look forward to every day. it also feels good to be the only team in South Bend still playing," Jeffers said.

We've had luck. We've had a lot of luck. And I'll take it. I'll take it. The harder you work the luckier you get is an old expression. And our kids worked hard to make this luck. So in a lot of ways we've earned it. We hope to continue to earn it," Head Coach Milt Cooper said.

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