Kelly, Wimbush pleased with QBs progress in spring

Brandon Wimbush throws a pass during Saturday's Blue-Gold game / WSBT Photo

Brandon Wimbush was on the display for the first time this weekend as the unquestioned starting quarterback of the Notre Dame football team at the Blue and Gold Game Saturday.

It wasn't a real game, and it certainly wasn't the finished product, but nevertheless, the junior gave fans more than a few reasons for optimism.

Wimbush played virtually the entire game with the first team offense against the first defense. He completed 22-of-32 passes for over 300 yards and spread the ball around to eight different receivers. The day wasn't perfect.

He did throw two interceptions, however one was on a tipped pass and a second came four plays after he might've scored an exciting touchdown run, if not for being limited by the red jersey and touched down by a defender that had no chance of making a tackle had this been a live game.

All in all, coach and quarterback seem pleased with the progress he's made over the spring.

"Every day you get out there, and you're able to be out there and run the offense and be around your teammates is a huge experience and a huge step in growth, especially for a new starting and new developing quarterback," Wimbush said. "So every time I get to be out there with my guys it's a huge part of my growth."

"I think every snap that he takes gets him closer to prepared for where we want him. I don't think we rate him as struggling versus playing superior football as much as this is just the learning process for him, that he continues to learn every single day. So I loved everything that happened to him today," Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly said. "It's how you take it. He's just wide-eyed, listening, paying attention and just totally committed to the process of getting better."

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