Outstanding Student Athlete: Riley's Abby and Anna Kirkpatrick

Twin sisters Anna (left) and Abby Kirkpatrick sisters combined to win six races at the South Bend city meet last week / WSBT Photo

They've been racing each other since day one.

"She was born 7 minutes before me," Abby Kirkpatrick says of twin sister Anna.

"I always tell her she was just in my way."

Twin sisters Abby and Anna Kirkpatrick can often be found, one alongside the other. And the rest of their competition in the pool well behind.

"We swim together in practice all the time," Abby says.

"We race each other. We're really close, so it's fun to have her in practice to have her with me."

Anna agrees. "We're always competitive against each other, but its not a disappointment if she beats me or I beat her because we're both doing well for the team."

The Riley swim team has thrived with the sisters in the pool. The Riley girls swim team won the South Bend city meet just over a week ago. On that day the sisters teamed up to win six events overall, breaking FIVE city meet records in the process. ANd they're re-writing the record books at Riley.

"It's awesome because we have almost every record up there," Abby says in reference to the Riley record board. "Its nice to see in practice to push us."

"We've been practicing here at this pool since 7," Anna says.

"Looking at those names and those times and seeing how it's come true and we've actually achieved those goals of ours. It's incredible."

Next fall he sisters will stay close. Both will continue their swimming careers, on scholarship at Indiana.

"Being a college athlete, we might have swim meets on the weekends so we can't come home. Having her will help me cope with home sickness," Anna says.

And when they head to Bloomington, they hope to have a few more medals to hang on the dorm room wall.

Abby placed 2nd in the state meet in the 100 meter breast stroke last year.

"I think she can win it this year," Anna says.

"That's my focus," Abby admits.

"That's my goal. I want to win the 100 breast stroke."

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